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Dr. Monroe has been practicing medicine in Lake Arrowhead since August, 2004. From this experience, she saw the need to help people on the mountain who do not have health insurance or cannot afford health care. This provided her inspiration to create a Not For Profit Clinic: all monies generated go back into the clinic. Dr. Monroe used her own money to open the clinic's doors, and it is currently maintained without any government or state funds.

The clinic does not bill health insurance companies. This is done to reduce operating costs and to keep the cost of an office visit low, just $35 per visit. Additional costs may be incurred if medications are dispensed or certain supplies utilized, but these charges will be discussed with you prior to being seen and are only our replacement cost to restock those supplies in the clinic.

Dr. Monroe is not on staff at any hospitals on or off the mountain. If you need to be admitted in an area hospital, she will not be able to be your physician throughout your hospital stay. We do not have an answering service -- if an emergency occurs, and you need care during hours the clinic is closed, please go to the nearest Emergency Room for treatment.

We do see walk-ins, but we strongly encourage you to schedule appointments. This is a very busy clinic, so a scheduled appointment means less wait-time for you.

If you need medication refills after having seen Dr. Monroe, please call your pharmacy at least 7 days before you run out. Be advised that some medications, such as antibiotics and narcotics, require an office visit before a refill can be authorized.

Thank you for entrusting your health care needs to us!

Dr. Julie Monroe & Staff

About Dr. Monroe     Clinic Hours


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